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**Previously Berrybobs** I'm Antonia, I play Sims sometimes. Please check my WCIF and FAQ if you're looking for something, chances are the answer is in there :)

Hiatus is going to last longer than I anticipated. Yesterday evening I hurt my back and I’ve been lying on my living room floor ever since. I have zero mobility and I’m in agony and all I can think is “I haven’t opened my game in over a week I bet it’s broken itself”

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Phantom and Jynx wishing deathbycowplant a Happy Birthday!

I hope you had a wonderful day, Ants!


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Thank you so much everyone for all the birthday wishes ;-; I gots so much chocolate I could be willy wonka.

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Vanilla Cosmo and Polly want to wish Antonia aka deathbycowplant an amazing birthday filled with all the chocolate and wool she can handle!

Love ya girl!!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Deathbycowplant <3 I hope your day has been perfect!

;-; this is so nice let me love you okay

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It’s mah birthday and D woke me up at 7am singing happy birthday and jumping on the bed.
But I has a giant chocolate cake, I’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven ;-;

Manchester Dogs Home


There was a fire tonight at Manchester Dogs Home. It’s been open over a hundred years and police have already arrested someone for arson. Over 40 dogs have died and that’s likely to rise. There’s a page to donate here:

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Corvus’s hands trembled - a combination of nerves and old age setting in.

His mind flicked back to the moment years ago when he had stumbled across the old, decaying spell book. Much more youthful hands had leafed through the book eagerly, the understanding that such spells, beautiful in their calligraphy, were forbidden was automatically etched into the young Corvus’s mind. Love potions, transformation spells, all black magic that Corvus had been taught not to dabble in, had been warned away from. Yet the last potion had held the most sinister temptation of all. 

Decades later, his granddaughter snatched from him by her over protective mother - his unremarkable and magically untalented daughter - and his health deteriorating, Corvus reflected that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

The prophet the crystal ball had delivered concerning Magpie weighed heavily on his mind. Magpie - his darling granddaughter carried ‘the potential’ deep within her, but she also carried a heavy bounty over her young head. 

Corvus had spent days researching the name ‘Hallow’ and what it had meant in the magical realms - what it meant to him and his family. Corvus had run into dead ends with every path he had taken concerning the ominous Hallow. With nothing else to lose and everything to gain, Corvus made the dangerous decision to resurrect Hallow - to gain the answers that he desperately craved. 

With the ancient book lying open by his feet, Corvus set down his wooden ladle and began to chant. The vapours escaping the cauldron began to change colour and from it’s depth a figure began to rise. 

So I’m away visiting my boyfriend right now and my break from my game has done me the world of good. 

Concerning The Iridescents: I actually really miss them and some of you may have noticed the two latest posts of generation 3 have been deleted. I realised I missed story telling, however the Iridescents are not the family to do it with. I based their whole foundation on the idea of Modern Family, so that being said, their stories will continue to revolve around the actual family. 

So, what about story telling?
I will be returning to The Jackdaws. I have a long way to go still, I mean their save is lost somewhere on my Macbook, along with all their CC. They will be my story telling family and that being said I have quite a few posts in my drafts that I’m going to fix up and post over the next few days. 

I want to thank you all for being patient with me and I promise when I get home next week I’ll try to get in game and get some updates for you. I do still have The Sims 4 and if I ever decide to play it again, I won’t be posting it here. 

For those of you who want to follow the Jackdaw story, here is the prologue, the beginning and here is the current post I’ll be picking up from. 

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'You've come as a robot-'

'She made me.'

'Okay. And you've come as a…rabbit?'

'A zombie rabbit. Betcha didn’t think of those on your show did you? Say, do you need a writer? I have all kinds of good ideas. Anyway, you all pose like you’re going to shoot me and I’ll hold my leg because really I’m harmless and you’ve just shot at an innocent fluffy bunny.’


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